The most important activity of the Association is to conduct the National Conference of IASSTD & AIDS every year, in different places of India (details given below), since its inception. In these conferences clinicians, microbiologists, epidemiologists and social scientists of National and International reputation gather together to exchange their views and ideas. Post graduates who attend these conferences are benefited by updating their knowledge with the latest academic events discussed at the National Conference. We have Orations, Award papers, Guest Lectures, Quiz programmes in addition to regular scientific sessions.

Orations are delivered by learned experts in this field from both National and International faculty. Dr.V.Govindan Nair Memorial Award and Dr.P.S.Ranganathan Memorial Award paper are the two award papers which find a regular place in the activities of the National Conference. The first award is with restriction of age (below 35 years) and the latter without any age restriction. The young post-graduates are encouraged to present scientific papers and to enthuse them they are even reimbursed to and fro railway fare to attend the conference. Guest lectures delivered by National and overseas doctors in the speciality is part of National Conference. It is a feast to listen to those lectures.

General Body Meeting of the Association is held during the National Conference to discuss and pass resolutions in addition to discuss about the Association matters and election of office bearers.

The resolutions passed at these conferences pertaining to the specialty are being forwarded to the Government for their implementation.

1976 1st MADRAS
1977 2nd MADRAS
1979 3rd NEW DELHI
1980 4th WALTAIR
1982 6th KOTTAYAM
1983 7th BOMBAY
1984 8th BARODA
1986 10th BANGALORE
1988 12th JABALPUR
1989 13th MANIPAL
1990 14th NEW DELHI
1991 15th KOCHI
1992 16th JAIPUR
1993 17th CALCUTTA
1995 19th CHANDIGARH
1996 20th ALLAHABAD
1997 21st CHENNAI
1998 22nd MUMBAI
2000 24th CHANDIGARH
2001 25th JAIPUR
2002 26th NEW DELHI
2003 27th VADODARA
2004 28th JABALPUR
2005 29th KOLKATA
2006 30th CHENNAI
2007 31st RHOTAK
2008 32nd Kodaikanal
2009 33rd Khajuraho
2010 34th Vijayawada
2011 35th New Delhi
2012 36th Kochi
2013 37th Mysore
2014 38th Chandigarh
2015 39th Coimbatore
2016 40th Bhopal
2017 41st Bhubaneswar